Thursday 11 October 2007

The Classic Original

No, I'm not referring to cars or clothing brands but a Bible range newly produced by the Trinitarian Bible Society, that most generous and faithful of Bible publishers in the English speaking world. The Classic Original Reference Bible is the new kid on the block - larger than the Pitt Minion, and of a size which will nicely lay out for reading comfortably. It is not too big though, only 22cm by 15cm cover dimensions by my measurements. The actual text is slightly larger than the Concord Reference, on which it has been based, and which it would seem logical for the TBS to phase out now. Although there is a hardback, this is geared towards leather bindings. It has been printed in Holland and bound by Cambridge University Press, so at least no sweatshop labour involved here in its production. Complete with glossary, concordance and 8 colour maps it is an attractive package. Particularly eye catching is the two tone stitched soft leather model. Have a look: This costs just £39.50.
The TBS are to be commended for refreshing and adding to their range. You won't get any hard sell from their Sales Department either.

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