Monday 10 March 2008

The Best of CBC 2008

A week ago today we were listening to classical music. Remember the name Gerard Le Feuvre, director of the Kings Chamber Orchestra. We were privileged to watch a live performance and receive a free copy of their album 'String Heaven'. He and his group outshone far more celebrated names at the conference banquet, both in grace and in ability. Whilst I don't perhaps share his view on what his music is all about, nevertheless christians can do music (and all the arts for that matter). This is somewhat different from a fully orbed belief in the concept of christian music, as if it were underpinned by biblical teaching and validated as a form of ministry. But anyway, well done Gerard!
Other good things: John Roberts (Day One) for a piece of pertinent advice; Tim Banting (IVP) for excellent knowledge of his books and almost bullet point communication of it (Get well soon, Tim); Not having to push a baby around the convention hall, and having a rare time away without the children, thanks to Lorna's parents! (but it's great to see them again all the same).
Ahh...It all seems a distant memory now.

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