Wednesday 12 March 2008

'Easter' Books

We've had to hit the ground running for our March promotion, because it's based around an Easter theme. I call it such for convenience' sake only, because the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ are of course central to the faith, and the gospel as a 'word of reconciliation' must be preached week in week out, all year every year. So please forgive the terminology.
We've made a careful, very focused selection of books, with something for every age group. You will see them from off our website homepage, or click
These are books which we like and which we can do at prices so low you will still have change left over to buy all your easter eggs for the children (supposing you were going to anyway). In fact, I would go so far as to make a price promise - find them cheaper elsewhere, let me know, and I'll match it! Can't say fairer than that, even though my name's not Asda.
PS. If you live locally, don't miss our late evening opening before Easter on Monday 17th March. Tea and cakes, plus choc egg with every purchase (if I'm at the till) 7pm - 10pm.
PPS. If you wonder how on earth that pile of books in the photo stands up at its Pisa-like angle, remember there are 20 years of civil engineering experience behind me!

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