Saturday 15 March 2008

The Feet of Jesus

We seem to be overflowing with new books at the moment. This one caught my eye and so made its way home with me for closer reading. It was worth it.
P B Power was a minister in Leicester & Worthing during the 1800's. He spent the last 34 years of his life an invalid. Perhaps this contributed to his deeply experimental meditations. His writing is easy to read (a natural slightly rambling style) and devotional in nature. He analyzes various texts on the theme of Jesus' feet - the multitudes coming to be healed at his feet, Mary at his feet, his pierced feet etc.
Joel Beeke has written a recommendation on the cover of the book and he writes much more eloquently than I can so I shall quote him:
'The Feet of Jesus is a virtual manual of spritual growth; it pulsates with Christ-glorifying insight, spiritual comfort, and practical guidance. Power's book unveils as do few others the inestimable value of Jesus and His work both in His humiliation and exaltation. If you would grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ Jesus, pray for Mary's portion to sit at the feet of Jesus as you read this book.'
The Feet of Jesus in Life, Death, Resurrection and Glory. P B Power. £11.50 (published by Reformation Heritage Books).

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