Tuesday 25 March 2008

Spurgeon v Spurgeon?

Have Banner of Truth gone head to head with Christian Focus Publications (CFP) over this old favourite? These two books are both meaty hardbacks, both priced just under £20, both 2008 editions. So, how to decide which one to go for? Well, what you see is less than you get with the Banner one. They seem to me to have undersold themselves, in that Commenting and Commentaries is helpfully included after the lectures. It does lead to a book one and a half times thicker and greatly heavier than CFP's, but this is surely worthwhile. Both editions are fully re-typeset. I think Banner's is more traditionally styled, whereas CFP have gone for a slicker 'signature' look, fitting within their other books in the C H Spurgeon Classics range. So if all were collected it would look nice on the shelf. But I first read this book as a battered paperback, and thought it most useful off the shelf! In fact I think Mr Spurgeon is better in his lectures than in the pulpit...so having said that I will now quietly withdraw to my nuclear bunker and await the explosion.

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