Wednesday 5 March 2008

CBC 2008 - Awards Dinner

The Christian Booksellers' Convention had just a little extra buzz for us this year. For the first time we attended the Awards Dinner. This felt like the Christian Booksellers' equivalent to the Oscars! For us it was particularly exciting as we had been shortlisted for an award - 'Small Retailer of the Year'. So, we duely got dressed up and made small talk with the bigwigs on the table we had been placed on. The food was great, the company was less so (except of course for the dashing young man on my right commonly known as my co-manager) and the awards nerve-wracking. We sat nervously through numerous awards - 'Publisher of the Year', Reference Book of the Year', Children's Book of the Year' etc etc and eventually they reached 'Small Retailer of the Year'. By this point, we had watched a number of people very nearly break a leg on the way up or down from the stage and had listened to a number of 'thankyou' speeches (some short, some funny and some downright arrogant) and my heart was starting to pound at the possiblity that I might have to try and negotiate those steps and even worse, might have to say something once I got behind the microphone. Yikes! 'And the winner is ...' You probably won't believe me when I say that I was mightily relieved NOT to win the award! I think Jeremy's heart was also struggling to cope with the stress. Our congratulations go to Chris and Lyn Land who run the Christian Book Centre in Redruth for finally winning after 3 times being shortlisted. We didn't go away entirely empty handed. As one of the 2 runners up we were given an engraved paperweight to throw at each other, er, display in the shop. I'm sure an Oscar Trophy would hold no greater pride of place!

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