Monday 19 May 2008

Read it all in a year

After Jeremy mentioning the 'Bible Titbits' to be found in the Daily Light, I can't resist plugging the One Year Bible. This is what I am using for my daily devotions this year. I like having my daily reading set out for me (laziness or just bleery-eyed ness?) and the thought that I will actually get through the whole Bible in a year. Admittedly it is a bit of a whistle stop tour, each day has a long Old Testament portion, a shorter New Testament portion then a Psalm and part of a Proverb. The old brain can find the switch between Old Testament and New Testament a bit tricky at that time of the morning, but the portions can be read whenever it suits and in whatever combination. Various reading plans are helpfully suggested in the publishers note.
We have the compact edition in stock for £7.99 (hardback or paperback). Well worth the price, especially when you can get it for £7.19 if you buy during May.

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