Monday 19 May 2008

Light at the end of the Tunnel?

Our Bible promotion month is not going great guns up to press. Not surprising I suppose in view of the stampede away from the AV on every hand. However, we seem to be doing well with orders for Daily Light. Interesting considering that this is no more than scripture portions from the AV placed thematically morning and evening for each day of the year. Perhaps people like Bible tit-bits rather than going for the full package. At least it's something though, and the TBS have certainly made a nice job of bringing Daily Light back into production. They are very well priced as all things TBS are. You can get a paperback with an attractive full colour photo cover. Then there's a browny gold coloured hardback. Finally, top of the range, a choice of black or burgundy leather, and that's still only £14.95! All have presentation pages - an ideal gift.

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