Thursday 29 May 2008

On Holiday

Flaming June is just around the corner, and we've decided to get a head start on the holiday front. Yes, a good old fashioned family holiday, self catering in North Wales. Low on carbon emissions, although the air has been filled for some time now with 'when are we going to Wales?' Books are by no means off the agenda. No holiday would be complete without its special reading choices. Lorna and I have got a rucksack full between us - some new and potentially bloggable, some old but with great promise. Also, one for family reading with the boys. This is another in the Christian Focus 'Adventure' series - 'Himalayan Adventures'. I just hope it doesn't turn out as cold as the climate there, although it would be great to have Snowdonian mountains as spectacular!
Just one point. Don't be put off and not place your orders in the next week, just because we're not at the Bookshop. We have measures in place to deal with things.
Look out for details of another themed promotion to be released on our return, God willing.
Keep England warm for us!

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