Saturday 24 May 2008

New Books, New Looks

We've had a new book in called 'The Law of Kindness' by Mary Beeke. It looks to be a good practical read on a subject I'm sure we all feel to fail on at times. On that subject, we've had some kind and willing volunteers helping us out at the shop this week, otherwise known as my parents. They usually like to be busy when they come and stay, Mum prefers the child-care side of things, and Dad likes to get busy with a drill and other such tools. He has used them to good effect in our 'children's corner' which we have re-designed to make better use of space. So we now have an improved display of our ever-expanding range of children's books, plus a small area designed to keep children occupied while their parents browse (Ikea came in handy for this). I haven't taken a pic of the new look yet, but this should give you an idea...
Our boys have tested it and it works a treat!
N.B. we are planning offers on children's books during the month of June ... 'Buy one, get one free' sound tempting? Keep an eye on our events diary so you don't miss out.

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