Wednesday 7 May 2008

Recycling Issues: Packaging

If you have bought by mail order from us recently, look hard at the address label. We now state at the bottom that to reduce our contribution to the rubbish going to landfill sites, the package your book comes in may have been reused by us. This is no new thing for us as regards boxes and their attendant packaging - we have never bought them, they have always been recycled from what publishers send us. However, we have done a wholesale review of the waste we generate from the shop, and modified a few things. Hence instead of always using new bubble wrap or jiffy bags, we will recycle ones to hand if they are useable. The appearance may not be as it was, but we feel the issue of image projection is secondary to that of being environmentally responsible. Of course we will continue to wrap and pack the books well, the last thing I want is for anyone to feel that their order has been sent shoddily.
If you want the ultimate in recycling from our bookshop order a copy of 'Planetwise' by Dave Bookless. The cover as well as the paper in this book has been made from recycled material. I have mentioned the book in a previous post. It is challenging and worth a read. I can't agree with him on his interpretation of John 3:16 or on the use he makes of the concept of redemption - but see if you agree with me or him by buying it!
One final matter. Don't you think that Local Councils ought to be funded to provide recycling bins for small businesses? At the moment they charge for the privilege. Hardly encouraging. Please write to them about it - or email if possible to save paper.

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