Monday 12 March 2007


Strangely, after writing about a customer's experience of bereavement, we have had to go through this experience ourselves. Next time she pops in, she will learn how timely her words were.
We often have customers asking for books to give to children about death. I have searched for a book I am happy with on this subject without much success. I am now in the position of the customer and would like something suitable for our children. Any ideas?
Because of the need to attend a funeral abroad I have spent many hours sitting in Durham passport office. I picked up 'Keep a Quiet Heart' (see Jeremy's post) to take. During the frustrating delays it was helpful in reminding me that our Lord is in control of all things. 'A quiet heart is content with what God gives'.


no name no subtitle said...

Have you looked at 'The Big Green Tree at No 11' by Catherine Mackenzie? ISBN 978 185792 7313It is written in novel form but goes into the issues that surround death and is aimed at 7 to 10 year olds. The idea is to deal with the issues obliquely through a story rather than have a shorter book that hits them head on.

Christian Bookshop Ossett said...

Umm, yes we have that book. Do you know of anything for 3-4yr olds?