Wednesday 7 March 2007

Customers who minister to us

Most customers we enjoy serving, some are more tricky, and some serve us! The latter are the ones I enjoy chatting to the most. They love to talk of the best things, the God they love. Often without realising it, they give us much food for thought. They leave the shop or put down the phone without realising that they have encouarged us to continue in our ministry with renewed enthusiasm. They have very simply shown us why we do what we do.
We have one particular gem of a customer. Naturally speaking she lives a lonely life, but she has her Bible and her Christian books, plus she is a great letter writer. It is through this that she enjoys Christian fellowship with a wide range of people. She visited the shop yesterday. Having lost her husband a few years ago she has also recently been bereaved of her son at a young age. She talked openly about her renewed struggle to understand the sovereignty of God. She mentioned a particular TBS greeting card that she purchased from our shop which she has found very helpful during this difficult period in her life. She wanted more so that she could send it to her many correspondents - both Christian and non-Christian. She wants them to understand who she turns to for her daily strength.
It is wonderful to hear when customers have found profit from the books/cards they buy from us.
BTW, we stock the full range of TBS cards and Bibles. Check them out on their website -

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