Wednesday 14 March 2007

Mother's Day Conundrum

You have braved the decision of getting your mother (or wife via the children) a book for this Sunday, but now the real difficulty presents itself. What do you choose? A wrong move here and all your good intentions will be wasted. Will a book on parenting rebound on you - literally in severe cases. Are 'women of faith' books patronising or stimulating? Are women going to like a book just because it has a stylish cover with a flower on and deals with 'soft' issues, seen as female-orientated? The questions arise more easily than the answers. Well, on perhaps the one day in the year when she is made to feel valued, a woman is entitled to expect a thoughtful choice, where you put yourself in her position and say 'Would I want this?'
An opening suggestion is to go for a biography. How about 'Elizabeth Prentiss: More Love to Thee' by Sharon James ? But don't get it from them when you could get it from us. One thing, you certainly can't be accused of going down the stylish cover route with this!
Any more ideas, please comment.

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