Friday 2 November 2007

Ladies Night - The Aftermath

I jolly well think it is 'OK to cry' for a man when you get an eyeful of this cake selection photographed at last night's women's only event! By all accounts it was a definite success - the whole evening, not just the cake. Careful planning was well rewarded. I noticed significant gaps on the shelves first thing this morning. Feedback from customers was along the lines of "It's so nice to be able to have a good look at the books without children fussing around" and "Lovely atmosphere" (I think referring to the mood lighting and friendly service) and "When are you going to do another of these evenings?" One on Sunday School / Bible study materials was specifically requested, so that is a measure in itself of how well things went, as well as a cue for the future. Lorna and her crew have been fantastic - here's a picture of her flanked by her expert advisers on the night, all exhausted but radiant!

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