Monday 26 November 2007

Commenting and Commentaries

Perhaps you wouldn't think that a catalogue of some 1400 commentaries on books of the Bible would be something to jump at. But, being Spurgeon, it has become a classic, though just now reprinted after a gap of some years. It may be considered dated because of all that has been produced since his era, but still it remains true that much of the best had been done by then. Being a paperback it can be taken with you to secondhand bookshops for consultation - you might stumble across some hidden gem! Generally speaking Spurgeon displays a good and witty judgement in his brief assessment of each book. There is also a thought-provoking lecture 'On Commenting' at the beginning which gives direction on making practical use of his work when it comes to preaching/teaching. Maybe a good Christmas present for your pastor, if you dare! Costs £8.95

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