Tuesday 13 November 2007


Christian Focus Publications have now brought out their popular Lightkeepers series in box sets. What a brilliant idea! For those who don't know the series there are 10 titles, 5 of 'Ten Girls Who...' and 5 of 'Ten Boys Who...', each has 10 short biographies of well known Christians written for approx 8-10 yr olds. If bought singly, these books are £4.99 each, however you can now buy them in box sets of 5 (a 'boys' set and a 'girls' set) for £19.99 - effectively one book free!
The series titles are:
Ten Girls/Boys who used their Talents
Ten Girls/Boys who changed the World
Ten Girls/Boys who made a Difference
Ten Girls/Boys who made History
Ten Girls/Boys who didn't Give In
They would make a great Christmas present!

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Anonymous said...

That means that you get it cheapre than buying all five as well! Should make a great Christmas present