Saturday 10 November 2007


There is a proliferation of books on courtship & marriage, even divorce, but we have just one book in stock on singleness. One! and that one has been in the shop for 4 years. 4 years!! Why doesn't anyone buy books on singleness? I'm not saying there aren't many books being published on singleness - there may be dozens, but we find that this topic just does not sell well. Why? Is singleness a taboo subject? Okay, so I am married - you may think I am totally unqualified to waffle on this subject, but I would suggest that singleness for the Christian is something very different than singleness for the non-christian. Perhaps all those single Christians out there are actually very happy with their singleness and therefore don't feel the need to buy these books. If that is the case, great! But perhaps someone could help me out by buying this book and giving it to a single friend who isn't as happy as themselves.
'Fine China is for Single Women Too' by Lydia Brownback (published by P & R, £8.95) is a well presented small hardback that would be perfect as a gift for a good friend.
p.s. If you order it and leave a comment on the blog I'll let you have it for 6 quid.

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