Friday 16 November 2007

If It's Not Too Much Trouble

New out from Christian Focus is this book subtitled 'The Challenge of the Aged Parent'. In her usual easy manner Ann Benton writes about her experiences of looking after her father-in-law giving much practical and biblical instruction along the way. Here's an extract...
'Each one of us is made in God's image; each one is a living soul. To treat with tenderness and respect the ageing body of an elderly relative or neighbour is fitting because of what that body houses. Such a treatment is not borne of sentimentality, because the person concerned is 'a dear', although that may be the case. The motive for care and concern for elderly people is that each one is made in the image of God. And though time and wear and tear has made some of these folks unattractive or cantankerous, they are still worthy of respect because they remain God's creation and bear his image.
Every congregation of believers in Jesus Christ can demonstrate the grace of God in action by its treatment of and attention to the elderly. This is gospel work.
In an inhumane world the church is called upon not only to preach but also to adorn the gospel of Christ and draw attention to the fact that faith works. How can that be too much trouble?'

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