Friday 9 November 2007

Xmas Cards and Calendars

Back in the thick of it now, getting the buzz of life in a Christian Bookshop in the run up (it seems so long!) to Christmas. I have been ticked off twice now by customers for using the shorthand 'Xmas' instead of 'Christmas'. Apparently it takes the Christ out of Christmas and is from a secular mindset, but I maintain he was never in it anyway. The Bible is silent about celebrating 25th December, except that if we decide to observe a day or not, the principle is that we do it 'unto the Lord'. So, we sell cards to those who want to send greetings at this time of year, but just have no particular religious fervour in doing so.
Calendars are less contentious at least, although our AV Block Calendar has been slated for supposedly encouraging people to only look at one text of scripture a day! In fact it is intended to send readers to the Bible to look up the context, and we have received much positive feedback over the years to the profit people have found from it. It is selling steadily this year - down to our last 250 now. The message is clear: buy now before it's gone. For just £6.95 plus postage you get the condensed prayerful output of a year's worth of someone's Bible study. We always have to be about a year ahead in order to get it printed on time. The texts for 2009 are now just about ready for proof reading. It's like coping with 2 christmasses at once!

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