Saturday 23 February 2008

Get Planetwise!

Get Planetwise! No, that's not me telling you to buy the new book on caring for this beautiful planet we all share - although I wouldn't discourage that! It is actually the clarion call of Dave (inappropriately named) Bookless, National Director of A Rocha UK, probably the leading organisation promoting biblical thinking on the environment. It is a message encapsulated in his book published by IVP at £7.99. It is also personalised by him as a leading light in the line up of the 'Hope for Planet Earth' tour. This is a national tour, see for dates. It came as close as 2 miles away from us at Horbury High School, Wakefield last night, so encouraged by a certain Tim from IVP, we ventured forth not knowing quite what to expect.
Well, how was it? Mixed I'd say. Good presentation, but poor venue. Some interesting science, although unverifiable to a layman like me. Some moving human experience of suffering due to climate change. A dubious evangelist. Then Dave Bookless, who bossed the show in the best possible way. Sober, sincere, unaffected, but an effective communicator. I respect him, although I don't feel he is justifiable in all his interpretations of scripture passages. It all ended with a challenge for change - even a single act to reduce carbon emissions, like turning the thermostat in the home down a degree or two. The turn out wasn't spectacular, and I didn't recognise hardly anyone, which rather surprised and saddened me.
What I just want to do now is to dig deeper into 'Planetwise' and see how well I get on. It certainly seems as though it will set the standard on the subject in evangelical circles. I'll keep you posted.

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