Friday 22 February 2008

Gofors & Grumps

I have only just discovered how good this book is and find myself wondering why I sell so few of them. Gofors & Grumps (originally published as 4 books, but now in a one volume paperback) is an A-Z of Bible Characters. Each character is given a descriptive name e.g. Mr Afraid (Adam), Miss Industrious (Dorcas) and Mr Runaway (Onesimus). This is perfect for my children whose current craze is the Mr Men. I like the fact that a lot of the characters picked out are the lesser known characters that children may not have come across through well known Bible stories. I also like the way the book picks out both good and bad qualities and makes very relevant applications. There are also little pointers for activities plus notes to explain some of the hard-to-understand words in the Bible. The book is aimed at primary school age children, although I think it could be adapted for use in a variety of situations -individual and group.
Gofors & Grumps by Derek Prime, £8

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