Saturday 9 February 2008

Pause for Thought

All things work together for good to them that love God - all the temptations of Satan, all the trials of life. If God's grace is in your heart you will know and feel more and more of the power of temptation, and you will feel more and more keenly the thorns of trial. They work toether for good does not mean temporal good and prosperity, though it is of no small mercy when God is pleased to vouchsafe his favours in this direction. Nor does it mean that God's people will be free from losses and crosses in this world, that they will be able to sit down in ease and comfort in their own homes. What then is that good? This - the increasing of our knowledge of and acquaintance with the Lord Jesus Christ. Anything and everything that brings me consciously and experimentally nearer to the Lord Jesus Christ, is for my good. Anything and everything that weans me from the world, that puts the world in its right perspective, is for good. Everything that brings me to communion with God in Christ, to sacred fellowship with Him, to the knowledge of the love of Christ, all this is for good.
John E Hazelton quoted in the Dec/Jan edition of New Focus Magazine.
BTW John E Hazelton wrote an excellent little book called 'Hold-fast' (£9.95). Read this review on our site.

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