Thursday 28 February 2008

Make the most of the Leap Year

2008 is a special year - you have one extra day in which to take advantage of our February Offer. You only need to spend £25 to get a fiver back. Okay, so you may not think you need any new books, but I bet your Mum would love one! Go on... get your Mum a book for Mother's Day instead of a bunch of flowers. A much more lasting gift and some even have pretty covers (although maybe they don't smell as good)! Which reminds me, I had a rep in the other day trying to sell me Christmas cards that smelt of Christmas. Yes, they were American! Needless to say, I didn't order any (although I could of course if anyone lets me know that that is just what they want at Christmas). Anyway, back to the point... here are a few suggestions for books to get your lovely Mum...

The Mother Who Seeks After God - Daily Devotions for Busy Mums, Laura Martin, £7.99 Short easy to read chapters with musings and meditations on a mother's life. Includes relevant scripture references. Deserves reflective reading.

God's Design for Women, Sharon James, £9.95
This well known book is now available as a double DVD set (£25) and a study guide (£3.75).

The Marvellous Riches of Savouring Christ, Ruth Bryan, £14.95

Highly thought of, Ruth Bryan's letters have been likened to Samuel Rutherford's. Devotional in nature, they are rich in mature spiritual guidance.

If these don't give you any ideas, just give me a call and describe your Mother - I bet I could come up with something perfectly suited (ask for Lorna when you ring - Jeremy probably doesn't even know when Mother's Day is!)

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