Saturday 16 February 2008


Lent. Passing over the issue of its justification, is it only for 40 days in the year that Christians should think about self denial? More positively 2 Corinthians 5 v 15 shows that not living unto ourselves is fundamental to faith. Self and Christ cannot share our hearts. One must end up dominating. It is a sobering thought, and one which Walter Chantry takes up well from a Reformed perspective. I have found this book helpful, and if you wanted to do some one thing which gave a nod towards Lent, then examine yourself whilst reading 'The Shadow of the Cross'. It's not a new book, but still available at £4.50 (£3.50 for the first copy sold mentioning this blog!) There are good chapters applying the subject to such things as Christian liberty, marriage, the ministry, and prayer. If the teaching were followed, then the lifestyle of many christians would be seriously challenged - and yes, I start with myself.


supersimbo said...

hey i found your blog through Christian Marketplace. I manage one of 13 Faith Mission Bookshops in Northern Ireland and have recently suggested a blog for our business........ha im waiting for a response from management!! anyway, i have wanted to do this for some time! Iv been blogging for 3 years, its been good to me and i also realised we need to do it at work when we had william mackenzie from christian focus with us for management day last year!! there is a connection there eh? cfp must see what gains a blog can have! anyway, i will bookmark you and come back to visit, oh, by the way, whats hot and whats not in your book/neck of the woods these day?

Christian Bookshop Ossett said...

We're coming up to a year of blogging now, and yes, we know it's read far more often than commented on. So Faith Mission take heed!
Planetwise (IVP)- Dave Bookless' new book on a christian approach to eco issues is just in. We're going to the accompanying Hope for Planet Earth tour on Friday night at our local High School. So that's the hot spot to be! Check out