Thursday, 29 May 2008

On Holiday

Flaming June is just around the corner, and we've decided to get a head start on the holiday front. Yes, a good old fashioned family holiday, self catering in North Wales. Low on carbon emissions, although the air has been filled for some time now with 'when are we going to Wales?' Books are by no means off the agenda. No holiday would be complete without its special reading choices. Lorna and I have got a rucksack full between us - some new and potentially bloggable, some old but with great promise. Also, one for family reading with the boys. This is another in the Christian Focus 'Adventure' series - 'Himalayan Adventures'. I just hope it doesn't turn out as cold as the climate there, although it would be great to have Snowdonian mountains as spectacular!
Just one point. Don't be put off and not place your orders in the next week, just because we're not at the Bookshop. We have measures in place to deal with things.
Look out for details of another themed promotion to be released on our return, God willing.
Keep England warm for us!

Saturday, 24 May 2008

New Books, New Looks

We've had a new book in called 'The Law of Kindness' by Mary Beeke. It looks to be a good practical read on a subject I'm sure we all feel to fail on at times. On that subject, we've had some kind and willing volunteers helping us out at the shop this week, otherwise known as my parents. They usually like to be busy when they come and stay, Mum prefers the child-care side of things, and Dad likes to get busy with a drill and other such tools. He has used them to good effect in our 'children's corner' which we have re-designed to make better use of space. So we now have an improved display of our ever-expanding range of children's books, plus a small area designed to keep children occupied while their parents browse (Ikea came in handy for this). I haven't taken a pic of the new look yet, but this should give you an idea...
Our boys have tested it and it works a treat!
N.B. we are planning offers on children's books during the month of June ... 'Buy one, get one free' sound tempting? Keep an eye on our events diary so you don't miss out.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Read it all in a year

After Jeremy mentioning the 'Bible Titbits' to be found in the Daily Light, I can't resist plugging the One Year Bible. This is what I am using for my daily devotions this year. I like having my daily reading set out for me (laziness or just bleery-eyed ness?) and the thought that I will actually get through the whole Bible in a year. Admittedly it is a bit of a whistle stop tour, each day has a long Old Testament portion, a shorter New Testament portion then a Psalm and part of a Proverb. The old brain can find the switch between Old Testament and New Testament a bit tricky at that time of the morning, but the portions can be read whenever it suits and in whatever combination. Various reading plans are helpfully suggested in the publishers note.
We have the compact edition in stock for £7.99 (hardback or paperback). Well worth the price, especially when you can get it for £7.19 if you buy during May.

Light at the end of the Tunnel?

Our Bible promotion month is not going great guns up to press. Not surprising I suppose in view of the stampede away from the AV on every hand. However, we seem to be doing well with orders for Daily Light. Interesting considering that this is no more than scripture portions from the AV placed thematically morning and evening for each day of the year. Perhaps people like Bible tit-bits rather than going for the full package. At least it's something though, and the TBS have certainly made a nice job of bringing Daily Light back into production. They are very well priced as all things TBS are. You can get a paperback with an attractive full colour photo cover. Then there's a browny gold coloured hardback. Finally, top of the range, a choice of black or burgundy leather, and that's still only £14.95! All have presentation pages - an ideal gift.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Teenager found!

At last I have found a teenager who is willing to be my reading guinea pig. I am referring to my WANTED - teenagers willing to read books! post back in April. Here's what this 13yr old has to say about 'Conflicts with others':
I really enjoyed this book. I have a great relationship with my parents, but this book has shown me to express my emotions to them. My parents are great and they also listen, which is special. My favourite bit was when they explained how we need to weep more and not bottle it all up before you explode. I personally struggle with that. Thankyou for giving me the job of reviewing this book it has really blessed me. It has helped me on in the walk of the Lord.
So it seems this series is enjoyed by the age group that it is written for despite my scepticism.


Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Recycling Issues: Packaging

If you have bought by mail order from us recently, look hard at the address label. We now state at the bottom that to reduce our contribution to the rubbish going to landfill sites, the package your book comes in may have been reused by us. This is no new thing for us as regards boxes and their attendant packaging - we have never bought them, they have always been recycled from what publishers send us. However, we have done a wholesale review of the waste we generate from the shop, and modified a few things. Hence instead of always using new bubble wrap or jiffy bags, we will recycle ones to hand if they are useable. The appearance may not be as it was, but we feel the issue of image projection is secondary to that of being environmentally responsible. Of course we will continue to wrap and pack the books well, the last thing I want is for anyone to feel that their order has been sent shoddily.
If you want the ultimate in recycling from our bookshop order a copy of 'Planetwise' by Dave Bookless. The cover as well as the paper in this book has been made from recycled material. I have mentioned the book in a previous post. It is challenging and worth a read. I can't agree with him on his interpretation of John 3:16 or on the use he makes of the concept of redemption - but see if you agree with me or him by buying it!
One final matter. Don't you think that Local Councils ought to be funded to provide recycling bins for small businesses? At the moment they charge for the privilege. Hardly encouraging. Please write to them about it - or email if possible to save paper.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Bibles, Bibles, Bibles

Don't miss our May Bible Promotion - you can't if you come in the shop!