Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Well folks, it's over and out from us for 2013.  We are closed from lunchtime Christmas Eve until Thursday 2nd January 2014.  We hope you have a lovely relaxing Christmas with plenty of time to read.

If one of your presents is an eReader, don't forget we sell eBooks too. Our catalogue of eBooks is steadily growing so if we don't have what you want now, check back another time.  If you have National Book Tokens to spend we can accept these too.
A huge thank you to you all for your loyal custom throughout another year.
Jeremy & Lorna

Monday, 16 December 2013

It's not too late yet!

If you're still wondering what to buy Auntie Gladys for Christmas (or anyone else for that matter), I'm sure we have the perfect book & there is still time to get it to you before Christmas.  Browse the website or give us a call - we are always happy to advise, plus we can even gift wrap it and send it straight to Auntie Gladys if that makes life easier for you!
Daily devotional books are always a welcome gift and there is a nice new one available called A Pilgrim's Treasury - this is a complete Bible Survey from Genesis to Revelation using the popular Pilgrim Bible Notes which have been compiled into book form for the first time. Or how about a lovely leather-look gift edition of daily readings compiled from George Whitefield's writings, or Hawker's Morning and Evening Portions, or Philpot's Through Baca's Vale (which you could even get as an eBook - now wouldn't that be convenient). I could keep going with suggestions, but perhaps a look through our Devotional section would help you make a choice.
If you are buying books for children before the end of the year, don't forget that we are currently offering a selection of children's books on a '3 for 2' deal. Have a read of our December eBulletin which gives details of this offer.

Don't forget LAST POSTING DATES are
FRIDAY 20th December for FIRST CLASS
We can also use our courier to get last minute deliveries to you right up to Monday 23rd December.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Immanuel - Zoar Publications
Only £1
For less money than an advent calendar you can have from us something vastly more profitable. It is a only a booklet but it will easily see you through the advent season. It is simply titled 'Immanuel', being an extract from Archbishop Ussher in the Apples of Gold Series of reprints. Its contents are highly distilled, as you would expect from a Puritan writer. So just take it steadily with frequent meditation (on the scriptures referred to I need hardly add.) You will be delivered from Christmas sentimentality, and settled upon biblical foundations, and may sense again the mystery and the joy of the incarnation of the Son of God.

Immanuel by James Usher

Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Perfect Law of Liberty - William Gadsby

Ok, so it's taken me three weeks to get to the book at the top of the pile that I mentioned in my last post The Perfect Law of Liberty' by William Gadsby (I got diverted by The New Calvinism Considered - Jeremy Walker, but that's another blog post!). Without giving a full review, I wanted to highlight some excellent passages...

This blessed gospel is a divine chest which contains all the Christian’s treasure, and its riches are durable riches and glory. “Where the treasure is there will the heart be also.” As ye prize your liberty and privileges, may you continue to look into the perfect law of liberty, and be earnest with God, at a throne of grace, that he would grant you fresh discoveries of the real excellences of the truth; for, just in proportion as your mind is drawn aside from the gospel, and you are left to look elsewhere, so you will be brought into bondage and distress; and despite all that men or devils say, just in proportion as the Holy Ghost enables you to look into the perfect law of liberty, so you will find a holy joy in believing, and a solid rest to your mind. Therefore, continue steadfast in the faith, looking to Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith, and ye shall be neither barren nor unfruitful. As heirs of God, anticipate your inheritance, and daily examine the contents of your Father’s will. God grant that it may be our happiness to be much in the gospel and to daily enjoy its contents.

Show me a man who is looking into the perfect law of liberty, and, by faith, living on its divine contents, and I will show you a man who is living in the fear of God, abhorring sin, and giving proof that the truth of God does not lead to licentiousness, but to holiness and godliness; for to this are the heirs of promise called. To such a man, the precepts which Christ has taught his church, the ordinances he has instituted, and the means of grace he has appointed, will be attended to with pleasure and delight; nor does he ever find himself at home when this is not the case.

God's beauty and glory are the saints eternal delight; and, fired with a feeling sense of this, they are concerned to walk in all well-pleasing before God, and unblameably among men.

That God may enable us to walk worthy of the vocation wherewith we are called, in all things showing ourselves a pattern of good works; that we may live in the blessed enjoyment of the true liberty of the gospel; that we may be able to comprehend with all saints, what is the breath, and length, and depth, and height, and to know the love of Christ which passeth knowledge, and be filled with all the fulness of God; and that we may live not unto ourselves, but unto the Lord; may the Lord grant it, for the Redeemer’s sake. Amen and Amen.

This little treatise is well worth reading, very relevant and not at all difficult to get through especially considering it was written in the 1800's!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Too Much Grace?

Earlier this year I read 'Christ in the Chaos' by Kimm Crandall and loved it.  A few months later I read 'Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in your Home' by Gloria Furman and really enjoyed that too. I still stand by these reviews and consider these to have both been helpful books but I now have another 3 or 4 books sitting on my bedside table all dealing with the struggles women can face in the home and the need to rely on grace.  I have scanned only one of them and have started to feel uneasy.  As I commented recently to a friend, there are so many of these books being published now it starts to feel a little like grace is becoming an excuse for licentiousness (i.e. don't worry about shouting at your kids/having a messy house/arguing with your husband, grace covers all your failings, just hear how bad I am...).
Interestingly I have now come across a blogger who has written about many of the same concerns that I have felt but been unable to clearly express.  These concerns are expressed as part of a book review (a book I have not heard of or read) and although I don't agree with all his points a lot of what he writes is helpful. Have a read...
(some of the comments on the post are also interesting)

Grace is not a new (or dare I say American) invention.  Grace is infinite.  Everyone knows Newton's famous hymn 'Amazing Grace! (how sweet the sound!), That saved a wretch like me...'.  In my (ancient) hymnbook, Newton shares a page with 3 other hymnwriters and each has something precious to say about grace:
(click on the picture and it will enlarge big enough to read)
I'm not wanting to suggest that all books on this topic should be banned(!)  But perhaps we need to be careful that we do not, by over-using the term grace, begin to think too lightly of it.
By the way, the book that has jumped to the top of my pile has just been recommended by Jeremy 'The Perfect Law of Liberty' by William Gadsby.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

What's your style?

Everyone shops differently, but most of us do get caught up in the Christmas shopping experience - for better or worse!  We have planned two very different Christmas shopping events to suit all types.  If you prefer shopping with the family, pop in on Saturday 16th November.  We will happily entertain your children with Christmas crafts & activities while you are free to browse our special offers.  Alternatively, if you prefer to shop in peace & quiet pop along on the evening of Monday 18th November.  We will be opening late for a relaxed evening of browsing and extra discounts.
Please note... the special offers & discounts are ONLY available at these events...  also the usual free refreshments will be available with added mince pies!

Saturday, 5 October 2013


It's not wrong to be tired.  It's not wrong to feel overwhelmed.  It's not wrong to go through seasons of complete chaos.  What is wrong - and heartbreakingly foolish and wonderfully avoidable - is to live a life with more craziness than we want because we have less Jesus than we need.

What a fitting final paragraph to this excellent little book! Not only has it made me laugh, it has also made me stop & think - alot.  There are changes ahead...
Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung, IVP, £8.99

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Engaging with Keller

Perhaps they will not be welcomed, but here are some sober essays on Tim Keller's theology. Having given a welcome to his reflections on work - see blog on 'Every Good Endeavour' - I feel a responsibility to take notice of criticisms of more fundamental elements of Keller's thought. Tim Keller, ordained in the PCA, was the founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, which has grown remarkably since into a major ministry. He is a very influential figure in the evangelical world: he both epitomises it and shapes it. It is a bold effort then to get a book like this published and EP Books are to be commended.
Keller's style is unashamedly philosophical. He is trying to reach a post-modern generation, particularly young professionals, and therefore seeks to jettison theological jargon. The problem emerges as to whether he (i) succeeds in 'translating' biblical terminology into his language correctly, and (ii) succeeds in conveying the truth through it. The authors of this book, led by Iain D Campbell, address this in the following areas of concern: the doctrine of sin, hell, the Trinity, creation, the church, and Mission. Quite a list! But Keller is handled very carefully on these matters by all contributors - perhaps too gently if the charges against him are fair. My conclusion is that there is a case to answer, and it will be interesting to see if Keller bothers with a rebuttal. But if avowed fellow evangelicals, fellow Presbyterians, find clear cause to sound a warning note against such a successful(?) fellow minister and brother, then something must indeed be up!
'Engaging with Keller' ed. Iain D Campbell & William M Schweitzer, p/b published by EP Books. RRP £9.99. Our price £8.49.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A Glorious High Throne

Our virtual reading club is getting on well with A Glorious High Throne (Edgar Andrews). I have been catching up with some reading this evening and this is too good a section not to quote!

It is central to the message of Hebrews that Christ's work of deliverance is complete.  Christ is the perfect Saviour because he saves perfectly.  There is nothing partial, conditional, or temporary about the salvation that is in Christ. Nothing is left to chance. Nothing is left to man's fallible 'decision' or 'commitment'. Jesus' work of atonement is a finished work of grace that has completely and eternally saved his elect.  Their entrance into 'glory' is assured. 

If you like the sound of that and want to join the club, please let me know (ladies only).

Friday, 13 September 2013

Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in your Home

Glimpses of Grace is a compelling book, it can be read from cover to cover or just as easily dipped into ad hoc without losing the thread. Ever practical and honest, Gloria Furman uses a mixture of personal anecdotes, biblical truths, sound quotations and faithful hymnology to gently persuade you of the vital necessity of treasuring the Gospel in your home.
A few extracts will show this better than my attempts to describe it (from Chapter 9 God's Abiding Presence in Our Pain):
...I live in the midst of pain.  We're all carrying some sort of burden - maybe it's a lost love, or a lost child, a broken friendship or a broken home. We all limp as we go about our daily lives, and sometimes the pain is so deep that we can hardly bear to stand up. Your daily life is complicated by situations and extraordinary pain.
...There's a saying I learned in Kenya when visiting the church there. When somebody says, "God is good," everybody answers, "All the time." We extol the character of God and affirm, "God doesn't change." But how does God's immutable character affect our everyday perspective on life? If God doesn't change, how are we to respond when our circumstances do change? Rejoicing in the unchanging character of God is much harder to do when you feel like your life is a sandstorm swirling all around you, and you can't see which way to go, much less where the road went.
...Martin Luther said "Although it hurts us when he takes his own from us, his good will should be a greater comfort to us than all his gifts, for God is immeasurably better than all his gifts."
...Every time God acts, he acts in righteousness and grace.
...We need faith to trust that God doesn't merely "know what's best for us," but that he is what's best for us no matter what our circumstances are.
Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in your Home by Gloria Furman, published by Crossway, £9.99

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Books Are My Bag

Books Are My Bag is a nationwide campaign to promote bookshops & it is gearing up for a public launch on 14th September. Here's an infographic of Books Are My Bag in Numbers:

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Fantastic New Resource

This is a great resource that really fills a gap in the market.  A 'coffee table' sized book with large type, simple scripture texts (AV), poetry and countryside anecdotes plus lovely scenic photography in full colour.  Fantastic for older folk with poor sight and also those who may be suffering from dementia.  It would perhaps also be a useful resource for people with learning disabilities.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Sorry folks!

I have been told by a disappointed customer this morning that August 31st is missing from their 2013 AV Block Calendar.  Huge apologies for that error.  Our personal copy does have August 31st so I am assuming and hoping that this will only affect a small number of people.
If your August 31st is missing, here's how it should look... Lorna

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Covenanting Country

Fact: Reading aloud is still an exciting family activity that engages young and old alike.  It's true!
We recently spent a week in South West Scotland, 'Covenanting country', and enjoyed some lovely relaxing evenings reading from 'The Two Margarets - Danger on the Hill' by Catherine Mackenzie. From 2 years old to 40*ahem*ish years old, we were each enthralled by the story of Margaret Wilson and Margaret MacLachlan and their faithfulness unto death.  Catherine Mackenzie excellently weaves a fictional story around the true facts known about the case of the two Margarets.  Margaret Wilson is only 18 years old and her siblings younger when they are forced to flee from their parents and comfortable home and hide from the authorities in the hills surrounding Wigtown.  With large sums promised as a reward for their capture they are eventually betrayed by a family friend and handed over to the authorities.  The strength of their faith was incredible in the face of such circumstances and this is vividly portrayed in the story. Visiting Wigtown and the scene of such atrocities and spotting signposts with farm names and local areas from the story served to really bring the truth of it all home to the children.  Even if it is not possible to visit the area, the story will still take you back to that time & place and hold you there with bated breath to see what the outcome will be.
The Two Margarets - Danger on the Hill by Catherine Mackenzie, also available as an eBook. This book is part of the Torchbearer series which are all fictionalized biographies of martyrs.
Incidently, our eldest son badgered us to go to this part of the country after being inspired by the Crown & Covenant series a historical fiction series about the Covenanting times - a brilliant series for boys.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Compassionate Jesus

Just how far should Christians go in seeking ever more aggressive medical intervention to prolong life? Are we bound to cure at all costs? The answer to that would seem as though it had to be yes - affirming the worth of life at whatever age. But does it really have to be? The Apostle Paul wrote 'for to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.' (Philippians 1:21). He didn't seek to postpone death, or want life at all costs. Life was good however, as long as he was living it by God's will and to his glory. Christopher Bogosh, who has both medical and pastoral experience, suggests in this book that Christians need to consider their attitude to what he defines as 'Modern Medicine'. This he distinguishes from medical science. The former is a materialistic philosophy, the latter is a useful tool subservient to man's prime need of spiritual healing. Bogosh has seen the pervasive effect of Modern Medicine particularly in end-of-life care - or lack of it. He worked for some years in a hospice, and feels that many Christians belie their profession of eternal hope by blindly following professional medical advice for still more curative treatment, when palliative treatment would be more realistic and kind. Bogosh does a very practical study of Job in a section on suffering and the temptations that arise at such times. He is good in getting at scriptural principles to guide all medical decisions, but especially good at standing back and pointing at the big picture, and then showing how this gives such significance to the preaching of the gospel. Be warned that all healthcare references in this book are related to the American model, and discussions of living wills, organ donation etc, are also set within the context of US law. But this does not undermine the essential usefulness of this book in the UK. It is a wake up call.
'Compassionate Jesus' is published in paperback by Reformation Heritage Books and available from us for £9.95.

Saturday, 3 August 2013


Many books have been written on the subject of prayer, but not so many for children.  Children can often in their simple and innocent way ask very deep questions about religious and spiritual matters, including prayer. These two books, aimed at 5-10yr olds, are helpful in specifically addressing the issue of prayer through stories and examples of praying people.  Prayer is very personal & unique to each individual. By using a range of stories both from the Bible and the lives of believers Irene Howat draws out lessons that will help children understand the importance of prayer.  The message is clear - prayer is relevant to all situations & prayer will be answered.
I think these books could be well used as bedtime reading and will encourage children to end their day with prayer.

God Answers Prayer for Boys, Irene Howat, £5.99
God Answers Prayer for Girls, Irene Howat, £5.99

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Music for Free!

This is an offer not to be missed!  Kris Baines is a talented musician who has written some lovely arrangements of our best loved hymns for solo piano.  The result is the Selah Hymns series which are perfect for relaxing to. 
We are offering free downloads of the complete Selah Hymns 1 OR Selah Hymns 2 when you spend over £10 on books during August.
We only have a limited number of download cards so you need to be quick to make sure you don't miss out.  If you prefer to buy the CD, click here.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

The new Hymn Writers CDs

New recordings of many of our old favourites have just become available.  Charles Wesley, Isaac Watts, John Newton & William Cowper were all wonderful hymn writers.  The Hymn Makers Series contained a selection of their hymns, but others in the same style are now included in this Hymn Writers Series.  We are offering these on a great opening promotional price of £9.99 each (RRP £12.99).  A Timeless Collection from various composers adds variety and makes up 4 in the series altogether with 15 hymns on each CD (see full series here).  Perfect listening while travelling to your holiday destinations!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

30% Discount - Don't Miss Out!

Don't forget that we have some great offers running this month...

The History Makers Series

Risktakers series
We would hate you to miss out!

Monday, 8 July 2013

30th Celebrations

On Saturday we celebrated the bookshop's 30th Anniversary and enjoyed a lovely day chatting to customers old and new, and eating cake (it's obligatory to eat cake at any events in our shop)!
Jeremy spent some time that afternoon packing up parcels full of John Kershaw to go over to the USA this week.  It is interesting to think that Jeremy's father would have been doing the same job 30 years ago too (on the same packing table).  John Kershaw was one of the stock items then, and is still popular amongst the same customers now.  Although the shop has in many ways changed massively, this just highlights how the essential, doctrinal ministry of the shop remains the same & we are as committed as ever to literature that promotes the gospel of free grace.
Look out for our July Bulletin because the 30% off books that were available on our celebration day will be highlighted as special offers for our loyal longer-distance customers. If you don't receive our monthly eBulletins then please let me know.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Let's Read Together

I couldn't let our reading club get started on a new book without trying to drum up some more members... any ladies out there who wish they read more? I'm guessing there are lots of ladies out there who feel like they don't have the time to read. Yep, me too!  That is precisely the reason we have a ladies only virtual reading club.  We are keen to encourage and support you in your reading by slowly reading through books that you would probably struggle to get through otherwise. The reading club is a members-only blog so our discussions are away from prying eyes and we can comment freely.
For the first time I can announce that we are reading a contemporary author! After reading through books by Thomas Watson, Martin Luther, Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Richard Sibbes it is going to be quite a change to read a book by someone who is still living!
A Glorious High Throne is a commentary on Hebrews in the Welwyn Commentary Series.  Written by Edgar Andrews it has been highly recommended to me.  After a sneaky peek into the first couple of chapters I can see that the writing style is easy and direct.  Above all Christ is exalted.
Please let me know if you would like to join in ( lorna@christianbookshopossett.co.uk ), we have nearly 40 members from across the world but more are always welcome.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

It's our 30th Anniversary...

It would be lovely to see friends old and new as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Christian Bookshop in Ossett.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

William Parks of Openshaw (who?)

Manchester was certainly blessed with some faithful ministers of the gospel during the years of its growth from a village to a city in the 1800s. If William Gadsby can be pointed out from among nonconformists, yet another William could be named from the established Church: William Parks. He was rector of St Barnabas at Openshaw in Manchester from 1843 until his death in 1867, and noted for his strong, positive preaching and devotion to his people. This book of sermons contains a memoir by David Doudney, editor of the 'Gospel Magazine' at the time of his death.
Here is a book of bland appearance; it could not be more different from the style and substance of Parks' preaching! He was clear and bold because he knew what he believed, and said it. One thing I find striking about these sermons is their conciseness. Granted, they are his written notes, but he clearly crafted them to accommodate the short attention span of the average person among his poor parishioners. This also happens to mean that they suit a modern readership! None are more than 2 - 3 pages long. There is variety here also - 60 sermons to go at, from The New Birth to a series of 9 going through the Epistle of James. If you thought old sermons never make for good reading, think again and try these.
Now this cover goes to the other extreme... But leaving that aside, William Parks preached the sermons in this book during Lent 1856. They were republished in 1915 (by the Sovereign Grace Union I believe), and are still in print. This slim paperback contains a sturdy defence and proper explanation of the '5 Points'. Its continuing usefulness lies in Parks' great ability to fit a lot into a short space. He ably anticipates serious objections to these Calvinistic doctrines and disposes of them one by one.
Both these books are now only available new in the paperback editions printed by Gospel Mission Books. We distribute exclusively for them in the UK.
'Sermons by Wm Parks B.A.' costs £6.95, and the '5 Points of Calvinism' is £4.50.
Should you want more of William Parks, then for £7.50 you can get a further book of gospel sermons appropriately called 'No Uncertain Sound'. Go to 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Humility and Pride

Our virtual reading club 'Reading Together' has arrived at the final chapter of its fourth book 'The Bruised Reed' by Richard Sibbes.  There are some cracking sections in these final chapters. How about this for a quote to ponder...
"Nothing is stronger than humility, which goes out of itself, or weaker than pride, which rests on its own foundation"
If you're not already a member, don't miss out on the next book.  Drop me an email & I'll sign you up - we would love to have new members & even more discussion. 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Spring Cleaning

Things are a little quieter in the shop at this time of the year so we are having a spring clean.  Our office and storerooms are getting cramped and untidy with all the extra stock so we are clearing out.  Keep an eye on our sale list because it is regularly being updated with all sorts of bargains!  Some bargains may have signs of shelf wear but others are in tip top condition (but we just have too many of them).  As a hoarder, I struggle with getting rid of stuff so the sooner it's gone the better or I may just sneak it back into the storeroom where it can sit happily for another year or two!

Go on, sneak a peek!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

News update

Big apologies for the distinct lack of blogging lately - we haven't been slacking honest!
One of our projects has been to get our mobile site up and running so all you folk with smartphones will find it easier to browse our site. It has been designed on similar lines to our desktop site so should feel familiar. Please let us know if you have any problems... www.christianbookshopossett.co.uk

eBooks is another project.  As you know we have been selling them from our site for a while, but we are gradually adding publishers and recently added Crossway Books to the list.  Please be patient as we increase the titles available - it is laborious work and takes time and concentration (which isn't often to be found in a bookshop with little helpers around!). http://www.christianbookshopossett.co.uk/catalogue.php?&sp=ebooks

Just a note for any ladies who are interested - the online bookclub is coming close to the end of the current book so now would be a good time to join up as we start a new book.  Drop me an email if you fancy the idea.

Thats all for now!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Easter Activity Mornings

We have had a lot of fun over the past couple of weeks with our Activity Mornings.  It is great to see a busy bookshop - over 50 children came in over the 2 mornings - and to encourage crafts about all things books!  We did papermaking, bookbinding, paper marbling, treasure quests and lots more.  I can't resist sharing this with you which was written by one of the children in response to the question 'At night when the shop is shut, the books...'
"At night when the shop is shut, the books open up for the characters, who are trapped inside, so they can have their freedom.  They tiptoe around the shop, not making a single sound, whilst they are dancing and trying to enjoy their short time, before they have to jump back in their book.
Characters from children's books are more energetic than ones from adult books.  They love the night-time, because it is their only precious hours when they are released from their prison-like cell inside the book.  The adults are much more cautious of stepping out into the outside world, having more knowledge of the dangers which could occur.
All of the characters had gathered in one area (under a table) to keep them safe from us. The great Apostle Paul was at the front reading from his own book of the Bible - Acts.  Nobody moved - they were mesmerized at the amazing word of God for maybe the last time - they didn't know what was to happen to them next...
Suddenly the sound of huge footprints could be heard in the distance.  All the characters jumped back into their books. Snap! And they were gone for another year..."
If you want to see more pics of the fun we had, check out our album on facebook (you don't need to be on facebook to view them).

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Christ in the Chaos

This really is a little gem of a book and I'm sure I won't do it justice in reviewing it.  Kimm Crandall is brutally honest about the chaotic nature of motherhood, but makes no attempt to give 'top ten tips of being a less chaotic mother' (what a relief!).  The essence of it is captured in the subtitle 'How the gospel changes motherhood'.  The Gospel!  For a true believer, the gospel and the power of it known and felt in the soul is what changes everything (not just motherhood).  But because Kimm applies the true message of the Gospel especially to motherhood it really strikes a chord with those mothers who feel that every day they should do better, try harder, be more patient, not shout, remain calm, keep the house clean, the children clean, the husb... etc etc (does that cover every mother??).  Actually, what matters is Christ.  He knows our failures before we do and in spite of them, He loves us.  Kimm presses this point all the way through the book and applies it so practically to the reality of our day to day lives as mothers.  Whether it is our desire to be the perfect Mum (and outwardly only showing this mask), our comparisons between our parenting skills and others, our inability to keep calm in aggravating circumstances, our struggles to meet the ever-changing needs of our family, our felt failure to keep the home... and so the list goes on. How often we bind ourselves up in rules and lists of our own making. But what liberty there is in the gospel! 

The writing style of the book is very direct and at times Kimm took me by surprise in her language. However, the truths she expresses have been written about throughout the ages and only the day I finished the book I read a piece by J C Philpot (1802-1869) which chimed in beautifully with its essential message.
Highly recommended for all Mums AND Dads (actually, I think this book wouldn't go amiss read by most people who feel they struggle with understanding how the gospel applies to their chaos).
Christ in the Chaos, by Kim Crandall, published by Cruciform Press, available in paperback or eBook.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Mother's Day

Hands up who's forgotten Mother's Day! Don't worry, it may only be 4 days away (yes, 10th March) but there is still time for us to get great books to your Mum - we will even gift wrap and send them direct if you wish.
I think the definition of a great book is very subjective - Jeremy assures me that Mums don't want to read books about being a Mum on Mother's Day because it's too depressing when they realise they are doing it all wrong, so I will try to steer clear of them in my recommendations!

Ann Judson: Missionary Wife - Corner Pillar PressBiographies are always a good read, here's one you probably won't find in another bookshop - Ann Judson, Missionary Wife reprinted from volume 1 of 'The Lives of the Three Mrs Judsons' by Arabella Stuart. This edition has been revised, edited & expanded by Corner Pillar Press and is a fascinating read of a devoted wife & missionary.
Renee of France - Evangelical PressOtherwise the newest biography on our shelves is in the Bitesize Biography series & written by an excellent author Simonetta Carr, it is about Renee of France - have a read of the review on our site & see what you think.

Devotionals are another option, Lydia Brownback has written a series called On-the-Go Devotionals for women, which are easy to read & Christ centred.

Let me know what sort of book your Mum would like as a present & we will do our best to recommend a title. We can add in a Mother's Day card too!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Every Good Endeavour

There aren't many sizeable books around which concentrate totally upon the subject of Work - even though it takes up much of our waking hours! But Keller has brought 25 years of developed thought and teaching and distilled it here. His claim to be heard is based on the development of his ministry at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. Being located at the centre of the business district in New York led him into many discussions with city workers about a distinctively Christian understanding of work and what it is for. He finds it rooted in Genesis and God's original plan for man - to be in his image and to work. To cultivate the earth as a vocation. Work therefore has dignity and purpose, and cultivation embraces cultural efforts and the building of human society. It is the fall of man into sin that makes work to be a very different experience: pointless, fruitless, selfish and even idolatrous. At this point the gospel which changes a believer's heart, changes his viewpoint on work. Keller proposes a 'toolkit' of principles so that everyone can reflect on their own particular work, apply it, and seek to faithfully serve the Lord. eg. biblical understanding gives realism, but not cynicism, and it is balanced by hope. There is much practical wisdom in this section. However in general I found the first part of the book to be better than the last. For instance I like how Keller cites Luther as seeing that God designs his providence to be (in part) mediated through man's labour. Thus we rightly thank God for our daily bread - but there is a lengthy production process before it comes to our table.
Is this a must-read book? Well, no, in short. It is helpful but I feel Keller is stronger on his philosophy than his bible exposition. It contains an over-elevated view of 'common grace'. It extends redemption to all things, not just the realm of man's salvation. Now I realise this is a popular concept nowadays, but would urge caution. One other gripe is that Keller always seems to bend over backwards in order to be PC and 'with it'. This rather distorts his good endeavours!
'Every Good Endeavour. Connecting your work to God's plan for the world.' By Tim Keller, published by Hodder & Stoughton, h/b with dust jacket. RRP £12.99. From us £8.99.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Our online reading club is racing through its current book 'The Bruised Reed' by Richard Sibbes.  In chapter 7 'Help for the Weak', Sibbes has encouragements for us to pray...
A Christian complains he cannot pray. 'Oh, I am troubled with so many distracting thoughts, and never more than now!' But has he put into your heart a desire to pray? Then he will hear the desires of his own Spirit in you. God can pick sense out of a confused prayer.  These desires cry louder in his ears than your sins. 'Oh, but is it possible', thinks the misgiving heart, 'that so holy a God should accept such a prayer?' Yes, he will accept that which is his own, and pardon that which is ours.  There is never a holy sigh, never a tear we shed, which is lost.  By prayer we learn to pray.

If you fancy joining the club (ladies only), please let me know.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Bible Animals

Bible Animals is just in from the Banner of Truth. In the same series as Bible Numbers and a Bible Alphabet, this is another activity book with a difference!  Alongside unique illustrations are pages to colour and stories to read.  The stories are not just a simple re-telling of well known Bible events but dig deeper into important Bible truths. For example a hungry lion is not only used to illustrate the story of Daniel in the lion's den but also to open up the subject of prayer. This is a lovely activity book to work through with your child (approx 5yrs).

Saturday, 12 January 2013

30 years!

January 1983 was the year the Christian Bookshop first opened.  It was an extension of a mail-order book ministry that had started many years before.  Norman Roe founded the bookshop and is still an active partner in the business 30 years later although the day to day running of the shop has been passed on to Jeremy (his son) and myself.  There have been many changes, but the doctrinal emphasis of the ministry remains the same. This month we are offering 30% off all Gospel Mission books (while stocks last) in celebration of our 30 years.

Have a read of our January Bulletin and if you would like to receive our monthly bulletin each month so that you don't miss out on our 30% off offers throughout the year, just send me an email lorna@christianbookshopossett.co.uk .