Monday, 21 November 2011

A Reformed Publisher?

I don't like doing bad reviews and I really don't like to totally slate a publisher or author but... Two new children's books recently came in from a well known publisher, a reformed publisher, one which states that it is committed to being faithful to God's inerrant, infallible Word.  One I can trust to produce Biblically sound books within a reformed framework then? I was sadly disappointed.
Some may call me 'hyper' (those that want to will know what I mean), but since when has 'free-will' been part of TULIP?  Since when have Calvinists encouraged 'Decisionism'?  I'm sorry, but a storyline that encourages the main character to 'make a decision' about being a Christian or even to 'pray a prayer' to become a Christian strikes me as being decidedly Arminian.
I don't particularly want to 'Name & Shame', but I am interested to know how books like this can pass through a reformed editorial team and be deemed as suitable for publication.  Perhaps I am too straightlaced for many, but where are the standards?  If you are a Calvinist, stand up for the 5 Points.  Why should we accept watered down theology, and certainly let's not put this in the hands of innocent children.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Latest News

The day after the night before.  We're just getting the shop back to a Christmas look after a very successful special sales night.  It was really encouraging to see the response to the invitations sent out to this event, when all new books were on sale at a minimum of 20% off, and secondhand books were half price.  It's always good to see local pastors setting an example and heading our way.  Thanks for your support!  Obviously coffee and cakes help oil the wheels on such occasions too...
The last week or so has been particularly busy.  We have also done two external events - bookstalls locally and further afield.  The AV block calendar is selling steadily despite the small price rise which we regretfully had to make.  The Savannah Charity Christmas cards have proved so popular that we are going to get two of the designs reprinted to meet demand.  However it's not just Christmas/New Year stock that has been bought up, but now that we are able to take some of our secondhand books out for browsing through, they have sold well too.  We hope to get a spreadsheet listing of some secondhand stock online soon to give better exposure to them.  Finding the time is the hard part.