Monday, 30 November 2009

Found it...

... the spare half hour that is. Actually I squeezed in a whole 1.5 hours on Saturday evening before the ironing board beckoned. Unfortunately though, I still haven't managed to prise 'Who Made God' from Jeremy's hands. He thinks he can pacify me by occasionally reading aloud a few paragraphs out of it, but I'm afraid that doesn't suffice. The book I picked up was 'Anne Boleyn' in the Day One 'History Today' series. My interest in reading more about Anne Boleyn was sparked by reading 'Coronation of Glory', which is an award winning novel of the life of Lady Jane Grey by Deborah Meroff and a thoroughly gripping read. Anne Boleyn was the 2nd wife of Henry VIII and was unjustly executed for treason just 3 years after coming to the throne. Both books show just how complex this Tudor period of history is, not just politically but religiously. The twists and turns of the evangelical 'new learning' as it increased in prominence against a backdrop of Catholicism was due in part to the encouragement of people like Anne Boleyn. Encouragement of reformers like Cranmer, Bilney and Latimer, encouragement of the smuggling of Tyndale's New Testaments and even the gentle persuasion of the King of England to soften his view towards the Reformation (which after her death swung back to Catholicism again). It is challenging to read about the deaths of many who would not renounce their new found faith in the true and living God. This little book about Anne Boleyn gives a helpful insight into the beginnings of the Reformation in this country and the instrumental role someone in such a high position was able to play in the advancement of the Gospel.
Anne Boleyn by Colin Hamer, published by Day One, £7

Friday, 27 November 2009

I want to read a book!

I want to read a book! But so does everyone else. I suppose I should be glad that everyone has decided to buy good Christian books for Christmas presents... the books are flying off the shelves before they are put on! Plus, suddenly our customers new and old have woken up to the fact that we are running a great value 3 for 2 offer on all children's books. It's great to be busy, but I am in danger of being buried by the next box load of books that come in, never mind the ones waiting to go out!
To top it all off, Jeremy has nicked off with the book I had just started reading... 'Who Made God' by Edgar Andrews. I had only got to page 16, and my 4 yr old is desperate for me to read it because he has made me promise that I will tell him 'Who made God' when I have finished it (even though my 6 yr old has clearly told him 'NOBODY, made God... of course').
Here's hoping for a spare half hour...
Btw, if you're wanting children's books the 3 for 2 offer finishes at the end of this month.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Breathing more freely again...

Wow, it's been a crazy couple of weeks! Out of shop bookstalls, evening events, hosting school groups, baking for the events, re-organising the shopfloor to highlight special offers and talking books, books, books! I can't say I don't enjoy it, but I don't think I could quite keep up this pace all year round! (and I don't think I could expect all our loyal helpers to either - thanks everyone!) Now that I'm breathing a little more freely I have realised that the website has been badly neglected and is quite out of date. Apologies. We have had a ton of new books in to add to the chaos and I am desperate to get them on the site so that you all know about them... here's a few as a taster...
This Little Church had None by Gary Gilley, the third title in his 'This little Church' series is apparently a must-read. I really must find the time...
Amazing Conversions by John Ashworth is a reprint of his 'Life and Strange Tales', originally published by Gospel Tidings. Over the years many customers have asked for this title and it had become very scarce. So it is nice to see it available again in a nice quality hardback done by Tentmaker Publications.
Matthew Henry's Daily Readings edited by Randall Pederson. Published in a lovely quality leather bound gift edition. Matthew Henry's portions have been lightly edited and the ESV is used (which sadly I suspect may put many of Matthew Henry's fans off).
Douglas Bond's latest novel The Betrayal is based on Calvin and by all accounts is not only a good read from a fiction point of view, but a profitable read because of the amount of original content from Calvin's own works. Jeremy has been recommending this to anyone prepared to listen to him!
Who Made God? by Edgar Andrews is another one that has been flying off the shelf and is next on my own reading list. The publishers claim that it is 'a really effective riposte to the "new atheism" of Richard Dawkins and others - gently humorous, highly readable, deeply serious, razor sharp, and written by an internationally respected scientist'. I have heard many positive reviews and look forward to getting my teeth into it.
Our 3 for 2 offer on children's books has been running this week and we have decided to extend it another few weeks or as long as stocks last. Have a look at our children's catalogue, there really are some great children's books around at the moment.
Don't forget to get your orders in for the AV Block Calendar, it is selling fast this year and stock levels are getting low.