Saturday, 31 August 2013

Sorry folks!

I have been told by a disappointed customer this morning that August 31st is missing from their 2013 AV Block Calendar.  Huge apologies for that error.  Our personal copy does have August 31st so I am assuming and hoping that this will only affect a small number of people.
If your August 31st is missing, here's how it should look... Lorna

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Covenanting Country

Fact: Reading aloud is still an exciting family activity that engages young and old alike.  It's true!
We recently spent a week in South West Scotland, 'Covenanting country', and enjoyed some lovely relaxing evenings reading from 'The Two Margarets - Danger on the Hill' by Catherine Mackenzie. From 2 years old to 40*ahem*ish years old, we were each enthralled by the story of Margaret Wilson and Margaret MacLachlan and their faithfulness unto death.  Catherine Mackenzie excellently weaves a fictional story around the true facts known about the case of the two Margarets.  Margaret Wilson is only 18 years old and her siblings younger when they are forced to flee from their parents and comfortable home and hide from the authorities in the hills surrounding Wigtown.  With large sums promised as a reward for their capture they are eventually betrayed by a family friend and handed over to the authorities.  The strength of their faith was incredible in the face of such circumstances and this is vividly portrayed in the story. Visiting Wigtown and the scene of such atrocities and spotting signposts with farm names and local areas from the story served to really bring the truth of it all home to the children.  Even if it is not possible to visit the area, the story will still take you back to that time & place and hold you there with bated breath to see what the outcome will be.
The Two Margarets - Danger on the Hill by Catherine Mackenzie, also available as an eBook. This book is part of the Torchbearer series which are all fictionalized biographies of martyrs.
Incidently, our eldest son badgered us to go to this part of the country after being inspired by the Crown & Covenant series a historical fiction series about the Covenanting times - a brilliant series for boys.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Compassionate Jesus

Just how far should Christians go in seeking ever more aggressive medical intervention to prolong life? Are we bound to cure at all costs? The answer to that would seem as though it had to be yes - affirming the worth of life at whatever age. But does it really have to be? The Apostle Paul wrote 'for to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.' (Philippians 1:21). He didn't seek to postpone death, or want life at all costs. Life was good however, as long as he was living it by God's will and to his glory. Christopher Bogosh, who has both medical and pastoral experience, suggests in this book that Christians need to consider their attitude to what he defines as 'Modern Medicine'. This he distinguishes from medical science. The former is a materialistic philosophy, the latter is a useful tool subservient to man's prime need of spiritual healing. Bogosh has seen the pervasive effect of Modern Medicine particularly in end-of-life care - or lack of it. He worked for some years in a hospice, and feels that many Christians belie their profession of eternal hope by blindly following professional medical advice for still more curative treatment, when palliative treatment would be more realistic and kind. Bogosh does a very practical study of Job in a section on suffering and the temptations that arise at such times. He is good in getting at scriptural principles to guide all medical decisions, but especially good at standing back and pointing at the big picture, and then showing how this gives such significance to the preaching of the gospel. Be warned that all healthcare references in this book are related to the American model, and discussions of living wills, organ donation etc, are also set within the context of US law. But this does not undermine the essential usefulness of this book in the UK. It is a wake up call.
'Compassionate Jesus' is published in paperback by Reformation Heritage Books and available from us for £9.95.

Saturday, 3 August 2013


Many books have been written on the subject of prayer, but not so many for children.  Children can often in their simple and innocent way ask very deep questions about religious and spiritual matters, including prayer. These two books, aimed at 5-10yr olds, are helpful in specifically addressing the issue of prayer through stories and examples of praying people.  Prayer is very personal & unique to each individual. By using a range of stories both from the Bible and the lives of believers Irene Howat draws out lessons that will help children understand the importance of prayer.  The message is clear - prayer is relevant to all situations & prayer will be answered.
I think these books could be well used as bedtime reading and will encourage children to end their day with prayer.

God Answers Prayer for Boys, Irene Howat, £5.99
God Answers Prayer for Girls, Irene Howat, £5.99

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Music for Free!

This is an offer not to be missed!  Kris Baines is a talented musician who has written some lovely arrangements of our best loved hymns for solo piano.  The result is the Selah Hymns series which are perfect for relaxing to. 
We are offering free downloads of the complete Selah Hymns 1 OR Selah Hymns 2 when you spend over £10 on books during August.
We only have a limited number of download cards so you need to be quick to make sure you don't miss out.  If you prefer to buy the CD, click here.