Saturday, 28 June 2014

Afterwards I Knew by Christine Farenhorst #ChristianFocus

With the centenary of World War 1 there has been a lot of renewed interest in books on the war.  Here is a short review I wrote back in 2010 when this particular book first came out...

I enjoyed this book. A collection of short stories, fictional but based around historical events and facts, they are gripping and each carry a subtle spiritual message. Often the stories finish abruptly or on a cliffhanger leaving you to contemplate what might have been and leading you to reflect on the underlying spiritual implications. The book is aimed at 13+yr olds - I think I come into that category!
Afterwards I Knew: Short Stories from the First and Second World Wars by Christine Farenhorst, published by Christian Focus Publications, £5.99.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

None But Jesus #Flavel

It is as hard for some to look upon other men's gifts without envy, as it is to look upon their own without pride.
How soon would faith freeze without a cross? Bear your cross therefore with joy.
Oh when will you  learn the vanity of self-dependence?
How complete and perfect a cure is Christ!

Just a few quotes from the new None But Jesus in the Pocket Puritans series.  This little book is full of rich and thought-provoking quotes from the writings of John Flavel. Published by Banner of Truth, £3.25.