Saturday, 29 May 2010

His People

James North has done a sterling job of pulling together all that is left of William Tiptaft's sermons in a new book out from Gospel Standard Publications: 'Sermons of a Seceder.' Good value at £9.00 for a hardback. Some biographical notes help profile this man (1803-1864) famous by name amongst Strict Baptists, but whose ministry is not at all so well known. The great thing about Tiptaft was his integrity. Everything fitted in with what he was convinced of by the scriptures. His earnestness, zeal and liberality all stemmed from a conviction at heart of the doctrines of grace. He did not have this when he was ordained into the Church of England, but as his spiritual eyes were opened more and more, he could no longer remain among them, though it cost him greatly. His example led J C Philpot to do the same.
This collection contains 'His People', which caused an uproar! It was boldly preached before the assembled mayor and town council in the Great Church in Abingdon on Christmas Day 1829. Although ridiculed in the press and at Oxford, it is a fine, very direct sermon on Matthew 1:21 - who are really God's people? He quotes from various articles of the C of E to demonstrate that he taught no new thing when he preached sovereign grace and living faith in those days before his secession.
'His People' is also available in booklet form. Published by Reiner Publications, it is only 50p from us.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

A Hive of Activity

What a beautiful day - sun shining, temperatures soaring, we had a real hive of activity going on down at the shop today. Okay, so the shoppers decided to stay in their own gardens (just 2 customers all day!), but we made the most of the carpark space and enjoyed the weather. The co-manager was even seen attempting to skateboard (I wouldn't like to say which co-manager exactly!)
Here's the sort of fun going on...

Water bombs

Roller skating
Press ups (why??!)
Car washing/water fights
urrr... not sure what was going on here!
Who said life at work is dull?

Essential Bible Reference Series

The Essential Bible Reference series may well be familiar to many of you, but it is worth highlighting again because it has recently been reprinted in a smaller (and cheaper) format.
This is the old look...
and this is the new look...
An excellent series for giving children a good overview of Bible lands, history, culture and festivals, this is also a great resource for Sunday School teaching. With good colour illustrations and photos, each book is very visual as well as giving a multitude of facts and information about each subject. Here are a couple of double-page (ish) spreads to give an idea of the layout of the contents...We have reduced our stock of the old edition from £2.99 to £1.50, and the new edition is priced at £1.99
It is also worth mentioning that some of the old Essential Bible Reference titles have now been reproduced and put into a new series called Candle Discovery Series. These are bigger books, mostly hardbacks and are more interactive (bits to pull out, stickers to stick in, models to make etc!).
Highly recommended.
(to check our stock, just put Essential Bible Reference or Candle Discovery Series into the quicksearch box on the homepage)

Friday, 14 May 2010

Customer Feedback

This is Angle Tarn, a place of wild beauty around 2000 feet up in the Lake District. A lovely location for team building in a month where fellowship has been the buzzword of the Christian booktrade. Unity is strength, but only if it is more than superficial.
The Lord blessed us with some fine weather, and then I was greeted by this sunny comment in an email on our return...
I would normally order them (books) direct, but given the current state of Christian bookshops across the country I feel it's right you get my custom even if I live hundreds of miles away!
This was accompanied by another, in an email from Australia...
I really like your website, well done!
Short but sweet, just like our time in the Lake District.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Dealing It Out

This is John Blanchard at his best. Dealing with atheism, albeit within the compass of a slim paperback, but with devastating effect. Evangelical Press, now rebranded as EP Books, have produced this cheaply (£2.50) in their Popular Christian Apologetics series, so it is readable by anyone. It is a pretty quick read too. The great thing about this Blanchard contribution to the Dawkins debate is his focus. He doesn't lock horns as a scientist, because he isn't one. But as an experienced debater with atheists, Blanchard goes for the jugular - politely. The 'new atheism' which Richard Dawkins is devoted to, claims that science has disproved God's existence. Blanchard shows how unscientific this idea is in itself. He further exposes the flaws in Dawkins' arguments, chipping away at rash claims and doubtful statements across the whole range of books he has authored, not just 'The God Delusion.' He also shows what a sterile and savage philosophy atheism is when it takes Darwinian evolutionary theory to its logical conclusion. But we need to understand that this is what underpins the attempts of the intellectual establishment to marginalise Christianity and influence governmental policy in the field of ethics in Britain today. Although Blanchard may be faulted for his view of conversion (no mention of regeneration as a distinct work of the Holy Spirit), the body of this book is most helpful in 'Dealing with Dawkins' and his chums.